I don’t have a studio or a lovely white wall but I do have my cameras and two crazy kids of my own who I photograph daily so I know how important it is to document your children and family as they grow and develop.

My style of ‘family shoot’ isn’t too far removed from the way I shoot weddings. Nothing is staged or posed. I want my images to reflect your family as they really are, capture your family's personalities, energy and uniqueness.

We meet up and hang out either at your home or in a chosen location such as a park, museum or any other place you like to go and I spend a bit of time photographing you interacting and having fun. There doesn’t need to be a big event. Sometimes making lunch, playing in the garden or just reading books can create lovely images.

I won’t be waving a teddy bear around and shouting ‘smile’ at the kids and I won’t stop taking photos if one of them cries... (cruel I know) it’s about documenting your family there and then. Of course it’s great to all bundle up on a sofa or hold hands for a walk and get a lovely group photo of you all but again I will try and keep this natural and as unstaged as it can be.

Documentary family shoots start from £75

EMAIL ME for more info and to book!