A massive thank you to all the couples who take the time to email me kind words about their wedding images. It warms my heart.


Just a little note to let you know that Mark adored the album just as much as I did! When I returned to Zurich we sat down together with a glass of wine and had a good look through it. Seeing the images in print like that just brought the whole day back to us! It really is a piece of artwork in itself and we are so glad we decided to go for the folio option. It is something that we will cherish and look at whenever we want to be transported back to the best day of our lives. Thank you for all your hard work Lisa, from the very initial email enquiry right through to hand over of the album at Glasgow Airport! We wish you all the best for future projects and remember to let us know any time you are in Zurich and we'll treat you to some fondue!


Aww Lisa you are brilliant! Everyone has commented on how beautiful the pictures are! Once we got the pics online we immediately rushed through them all so the slideshow is absolutely the best way of seeing them at first (and the music is cool too!) but it doesn't end after that... We have looked through the pictures a few times over the past couple of days showing family and friends and every time we look we see more we love, it's like you can't take it all in at once!! I hate getting my picture taken and was really nervous about it but it was so much fun and you were lovely to work with - not that any part of it felt like work!


We just wanted to say how much we loved the pictures. We're both artists - notoriously difficult to please, but we're over the moon with these photos. We love how natural everybody looks, you have managed to capture all our friends and family in such a sympathetic and faithful light - it's as if you've known everyone for years!


Wow! I will not say that I was surprised because I was expecting exactily that from you. You just confirmed how talented you are. Thank you very, very much for letting us relive that day through your eyes in such a beautiful way. Obrigado!


Dear Lisa, I can't really articulate how delighted and happy we are with our photographs! We went round to our parents last night for dinner and an official 'viewing of the photos'! Everyone was oooing and ahhhhing in all the right places and remarked on many, many of the images. I can't wait to receive the disc to start making up an album and i plan to print a couple soon, to give to our parents as thanks so i look forward to deliberating over the many great images! You were perfect on the day and such a delight to have with us. So many of the photos I was unaware of you being there and taking them, which is the true sign of such an excellent wedding photographer! As i mentioned to you, the photographs were such an important part of the day for me and what you have given us has been without fault. So many brilliant images to choose from - and already providing us with happy memories of the day. I love your style and your work! And I would recommend you to anyone in a heart beat! Thank you soooooooo much!


The photos are absolutely wonderful.  Seriously - they are amazing.  You have captured the day perfectly and captured the 'feel' of it all.  I have so many favourites. The one of Anna-May and Marie at the bathroom mirrors, the black and white one of Harry staring right into the camera - stunning.  Also loved the one of me with the champagne glass and also the one sitting on the chair during the speeches. The one of Anna-May and Niamh sitting on the grass is amazing! Some lovely natural ones of Neil and I too - just what I wanted. Perfect.   You are a very talented lady!!!


Just a wee email to say I love my photos...keep looking at them almost every night and find something new in them each time! I'm glad it was a windy wedding now as it's made the photos so interesting! Thank you again!


Hi Lisa, Just wanted to say thank you for photographing our wedding yesterday!  We had an amazing day which was made all the better by your relaxed approach.  All my guests were raving about how great you were, and the wedding party were so thrilled the group shots were super slick!  You honestly helped make our day relaxed. We are definitely going to order an album or art book.


Hi Lisa, I can't thank you enough, they are absolutely perfect! It's just going to be a struggle now to decide which ones to print. Thanks again for everything.


Lisa, what an AMAZING job... Love them. Thanks so much xxxxxxx


Thank you so much for photographing Lisa and Stewart's wedding.  You did an amazing job. The photos are truly stunning. It was such a happy, fun day and you captured that beautifully.  All our family and friends have been so complementary about you and I know that Stewart and Lisa are absolutely thrilled with their photos. Our sincerest thanks once again.